The Unrivalled Dominance of Invincible Boats in Sportfishing

The Unrivalled Dominance of Invincible Boats in Sportfishing

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A Deep Dive with the Experts

Guest post by Oliver Huntsman, Export Sales Specialist for Invincible Boats International

It is always a pleasure to work with Xscape Marine, the premier boat dealership in Palma Mallorca. 

I’ve known Michael, the Managing Director, for 25 years in a personal and professional capacity. Not only does he just get the service backup and support, he puts on a fantastic event, really bringing the fun into our time together on the water.

Today, I’m excited to take some time to talk about the dominating force of Invincible Boats in the realm of sportfishing.

The USA is by far and away home to the largest, most serious sportfishing community in the world – Invincible outsells all of the competition here in the US.

Having closely worked with our boats’ design and manufacturing processes, I can confidently state that our center consoles are tailored for the true fisherman.

A trend we’ve seen happen aggressively in the US, is the migration from Sportfishers to Center Consoles. As Sportfishermen push the envelope to reach the very best fishing grounds, they’ll regularly travel 1-200 miles or more offshore, in a, dare I say sluggish, Sportfisher you’ll need to make a plan to overnight at some point – with the athleticism of a Center Console you’re comfortably there and back in a day. 

luxury boats balearic islands

Designing with Purpose: Innovative Layouts by Scott Wood

Space is paramount when you’re out in the open waters fighting a prized catch – it can get pretty frenetic onboard!

Thanks to industry veteran Scott Wood, our boats boast innovative layouts that offer ample space for casting and reeling in your catch.

I’ve been fishing with customers and I’ve wondered to myself, with so many fishermen dockside, who’ll be joining us and who we’ll leave behind – below you can see 14 of us on board a 40’ Catamaran in Masirah, Oman and there was plenty of space for us all to pull in our catches and for me to wonder around with my drone controller!

An Odyssey of Perfection: SVVT Hulls

At the heart of our Open Fisherman range lies our deep-vee SVVT hulls, a superior patented hull design from Michael Peters with some key advantages that make the vessel perfect for offshore sportfishing, The SVVT has:

  • Less Drag giving the Captain higher top end speeds, quicker acceleration, lower planing speeds and better fuel efficiency.
  • A Vertical sidewall tunnel increases lateral resistance for better manoeuvrability and no spin-outs.
  • The SVVT shallow tunnel provides lower dynamic motions for a more stable ride and less slamming.

Read more about the SVVT here:- The SVVT Hull: A Game-Changer in Modern Boating 

33 power cat balearics

The Catamaran Revolution

Our catamarans are nothing short of revolutionary. Designed for swift acceleration, high cruising speeds with a low fuel burn, they can effortlessly chase down a tuna frenzy and access far-flung fishing grounds. 

I always find it a delight to bring onboard a passenger that hasn’t ridden an Invincible Catamaran before – no matter how salty and seasoned they are I see the tells – little hints that they’re not quite ready for the Catamaran to be so stable when crossing another boat’s wake, or they’re not expecting the Invincible to lean so smoothly into its own turn thanks to Morelli & Melvin’s advanced hull design. 

Handling is one thing, when you’re fishing, it’s about space, space space! The twin-hull design means that we can make full use of the boat’s beam, offering a fishing experience that is truly in a league of its own.

Read more about Invincible Catamarans here: Introducing Invincible Catamarans and Their Patented Morelli & Melvin Hull Design

The Marriage of Functionality and Luxury

Our partnership with market-leading fishing accessory providers and tier-one engine manufacturers means that every aspect of our boats, from high-pressure livewell systems to cutting-edge power plants, is optimised for both performance and efficiency. But Invincible Boats doesn’t stop at just being functional. 

Our plush interiors, combined with an impeccable fit and finish, redefine luxury in sportfishing. When you’re out for the long haul, you want to stay comfortable. 

State-of-the-Art Onboard Electronics

We understand the modern fisherman’s needs. That’s why our boats are equipped with the latest touch-screen displays, high-powered radars, and transducers. These advanced electronic systems not only enhance navigation but also elevate the fishing experience to unparalleled levels.

catamaran center console


Invincible Boats, with its commitment to perfection, has rightly earned its place as the market leader in center consoles for sportfishing. We are proud to have Xscape Marine as our dealer in Palma Mallorca, bringing our unparalleled sportfishing experience to the European waters.

For those who’ve yet to experience the dominance of Invincible Boats, I often say, “One ride is all it takes.” And I invite you to discover this truth for yourself.

Looking to embark on your next fishing adventure with the best in the industry? 

Reach out to Michael at Xscape Marine at, Palma Mallorca’s leading dealer for Invincible Boats.


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