Saltwater Boat Balearic Islands

MasterCraft offers remarkable saltwater boats to enable you to ride the Balearic Islands waves in style. Your new saltwater boat is carefully engineered and designed with premium parts to ensure it is prepared for all your new adventures.

The Best Saltwater Boat Experience

Throughout the past decade, MasterCraft has thoroughly refined materials, vendors, and mechanics to ensure your saltwater boat is an investment that is worthwhile. With their fantastic designs, your new boat is prepared to withstand the harsh environments that the Balearic Islands sea brings. They are made with a combination of a powerful, fully closed-cooling motor system with an industry-leading warranty and sacrificial aluminium anodes. Each material has been rigorously designed, tested, and proven to deliver the quality and reliability that we believe in at MasterCraft.

Saltwater Boat Balearic Islands

Sacrificial Anodes

Our underwater gear uses aluminium anode bonding to ensure its durability and longevity. A great benefit of aluminium anodes is that they provide excellent corrosion protection for underwater gear compared to competitors who use less efficient zinc anodes.

Saltwater Boat Balearic Islands

Electrical Bonding Harness

Adding an electrical bonding harness to your new boat provides additional protection for metal components that you find under the waterline. This means you can drive around the Balearic Islands, and the electric bonding harness will keep the metal components durable.

Saltwater Boat Balearic Islands

Hydraulic Steering

At MasterCraft, we are always looking for new ways to lessen the risk of our boats being damaged while you ride them around the Balearic Islands and elsewhere. Therefore, we install hydraulic steering in our saltwater boats, which is more corrosive-resistant than the stainless steel cable systems used by competitors in their saltwater boat offerings.

Saltwater Boat Balearic Islands

Stainless Steel Shocks

Additionally, we also install stainless steel shocks into our saltwater boats instead of standard shocks. This is because they effectively battle corrosive saltwater and extend the life of our saltwater boats in the Balearic Islands. We ensure that our materials will keep your boats durable and be an investment that lasts for decades.

Saltwater Boat Balearic Islands

Spaghetti Mesh Liner

Normally, you would expect a storage floor lining in boats. However, in our boats, we install low-maintenance rubber mesh lining that is easily washable and mildew-resistant. Opt for our saltwater package so you can spend more time enjoying your new saltwater boat in the Balearic Islands instead of the tiresome upkeep.

Saltwater Boat Balearic Islands

Saltwater Boat Engine Upgrades

We offer Ilmor engines as a standard for our saltwater boats. Additionally, you can also choose from our convenient engine flush hookup and corrosive protection paint. Your new boat will have an upgraded Ilmor 5.3L or 6.2L GDI V8 motor. Give your saltwater boat even more power by upgrading to the Ilmor 6.2L Supercharged engine.

These engines feature an effective, fully closed cooling system and produce 365 HP, 430 HP, and 630 HP, respectively. No matter what engine you choose, they will all provide significant amounts of power to your new boat. Read below to find out more about each engine and how they are different from each other.

Engine Details

Saltwater Boat Balearic Islands

World-Class Warranty

Ilmor engines provide the most comprehensive warranty in the towboat industry. For your extra peace of mind, they provide a 7-year, 1,000-hour, factory-backed warranty.

Saltwater Boat Balearic Islands

Mean And Clean

Ilore is one of the leading marketing companies in the industry. The Ilore GDI-class engine is one of the top 5-star emissions-rated gasoline marine engines in the world. This is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality engine for their new saltwater boat.

Saltwater Boat Balearic Islands

Unmatched Experience

At MasterCraft, we work with Ilmore for our marine engines. They have more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and provide high-quality products for our saltwater boats.



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