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Tour the Invincible 33’ Catamaran

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Motor Boat & Yachting editor Hugo Andreae takes a tour of the Invincible 33 Catamaran at the 2023 Palma International Boat Show

As a brand, Invincible has already left its mark on the American sportfishing scene. Now, we’re bringing the superb engineering and design that’s built our reputation in America to the sunny coasts of the Balearic Islands. 

Expertly Engineered Power Catamaran

Our 2023 Invincible 33’ Catamaran is a unique offering to the European markets because it fundamentally redefines what a catamaran boat can do. 

Typical power catamarans are known for their performance and efficiency, but they can ride flat across the water, fail to lean into tight corners, and create crashing waves at the bow. That means that leisurely passengers on a normal catamaran can find themselves in for a bumpy ride.

The Invincible 33’ is engineered to ride differently. 

Thanks to our groundbreaking semi-asymmetric hull design, we’ve created a stable, soft-riding boating experience with all the power of a traditional power catamaran.

Our asymmetrical hull has a slightly different deadrise on both sides, and the height of the chine is higher on the outside and lower on the inside. This allows the Invincible 33’ to really lean into corners and provide a smoother ride for passengers. 

We’ve also added an extra baffle down the middle of the hull, designed to split any oncoming waves across the bow and avoid any jerky motions across the water. 

The asymmetrical hull also provides incredible lift, easing the craft out of the trenches of the waves so it can smoothly glide on top of the water. 

The Best of Both Worlds

While Invincible was originally engineered with sportfishing in mind, the boat has easily transitioned into the Mediterranean and European markets as a luxury leisure boat. 

From its history as a sport boat, the Invincible 33’ boasts incredible speed and longevity. The boat is equipped with a pair of 400-horsepower Mercury Verado outboards that help it reach a top speed of approximately 56 knots. 

Unlike other motor boats, the Invincible 33’ has significantly larger fuel tanks. That means that boaters can explore up to 500 nautical miles of the Mediterranean before refuelling. 

However, for those more inclined to lounge than cast a line, the Invincible also offers luxury amenities that truly set it apart from other sport boats. 

First of all, the Invincible has high-quality speakers installed just beside the centre console, with the console itself protected against high winds with an extended and curved windscreen.

Underneath the seat cushions at the front of the boat, we’ve cleverly tucked away a refrigerated storage area for any food or beverage you’d like. 

The other storage units in the Invincible 33’ are completely insulated, so if you need additional chilling space, you can fill up the units with ice to keep things cool. Along with all the rod holders, we’ve also installed cup holders throughout the boat. 

On the back of the boat, we’ve installed luxe sun loungers for some extra seating and relaxation space. 

This boat is the best of both worlds. Adventurers can coast the open waters with enhanced speed, longevity, and turning capabilities, and those who want to have a more relaxed experience can turn up the music and pour themselves a drink.

Get everything you want and more with a boat unlike any on the European market at the moment.

A Boat Unique in Europe

The Invincible 33’ Catamaran, alongside the other Invincible catamarans and monohulls, is a boat completely unique to the European market. 

If you’re looking for something different, you might just be looking for an Invincible. 

Contact our team at Xscape Marina, the exclusive seller of Invincible boats in Europe, to get an in-person tour of our boat stock and find the right catamaran or monohull for you. 

Fill out our online contact form to submit an inquiry, or call us at +44 (0)7786 833710. 

Experience the legend. Experience an Invincible boat. 


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